Henry V

Henry V

170 mins | Drama, War | Dec. 23, 1979

The life of King Henry the Fifth.

Henry V

170 mins | Drama, War | Dec. 23, 1979

Henry V
The life of King Henry the Fifth.
IMDb rating 7.5
Original title Henry V
Directors David Giles
Writers William Shakespeare


John Abineri

as Bishop of Ely

Robert Ashby

as Earl of Salisbury

Trevor Baxter

as Archbishop of Canterbury

Jocelyne Boisseau

as Katherine

David Gwillim

as Henry V

Julian Glover

as The Constable of France

Garrick Hagon

as Mountjoy, a French Herald

Alec McCowen

as Chorus

Anna Quayle

as Alice

Martin Smith

as Duke of Gloucester

Rob Edwards

as Duke of Bedford

Roger Davenport

as Duke of Clarence

Clifford Parrish

as Duke of Exeter

Derek Hollis

as Duke of York

David Buck

as Earl of Westmoreland

Rod Beacham

as Earl of Warwick

William Whymper

as Earl of Cambridge

Ian Price

as Lord Scroop

George Howe

as Sir Thomas Erpingham

David Rowlands

as Sir Thomas Grey

Brian Poyser

as Gower

Tim Wylton

as Fluellen

Paddy Ward

as MacMorris

Ronald Forfar

as Bates

Joe Ritchie

as Court

David Pinner

as Williams

Gordon Gostelow

as Bardolph

Bryan Pringle

as Pistol

Simon Broad

as Herald

Thorley Walters

as Charles the Sixth, King of France

Keith Drinkel

as Lewis, the Dauphin

Robert Harris

as Duke of Burgundy

John Saunders

as Duke of Orleans

John Bryans

as Duke of Bourbon

Carl Forgione

as Rambures

Alan Brown

as Governor of Harfleur

Pamela Ruddock

as Isabel, Queen of France

Brenda Bruce

as Hostess

Graham Pountney

as French Soldier

Ronald Chenery

as Messenger

John Fowler

as Boy