Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel

Harvey Keitel


Lansky (2021)

Meyer Lansky

Blood on the Crown (2021)

General Hunter Blair

Fatima (2020)

Professor Nichols

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Gondo (voice)

Madame (2017)

Bob Fredericks

Outlaws (2015)

The Director

Youth (2015)

Mick Boyle

By the Gun (2014)

Salvatore Vitaglia

Rio, I Love You (2014)

O Ator (segment "O Milagre")

Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Commander Pierce

Inglourious Basterds (2009)

OSS Commander Who Agrees to Deal (voice) (uncredited)

A Crime (2006)

Roger Culkin

Crime Spree (2003)

Frankie Zammeti

Ginostra (2003)

Matt Benson

Red Dragon (2002)

Jack Crawford

The Grey Zone (2001)

SS-Oberscharfuhrer Eric Muhsfeldt

Nailed (2001)

Tony Romano

U-571 (2000)

CPO Henry Klough

Fail Safe (2000)

Brig. Gen. Warren Black

Clockers (1995)

Det. Rocco Klein

Smoke (1995)

Augustus 'Auggie' Wren

Pulp Fiction (1994)

Winston "The Wolf" Wolfe

Rising Sun (1993)

Lt. Tom Graham

The Piano (1993)

George Baines

Point of No Return (1993)

Victor the Cleaner

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Mr. White / Larry Dimmick

Sister Act (1992)

Vince LaRocca

Bugsy (1991)

Mickey Cohen

Thelma & Louise (1991)

Investigator Hal Slocumb

Mortal Thoughts (1991)

Det. John Woods

The Two Jakes (1990)

Julius "Jake" Berman

Two Evil Eyes (1990)

Roderick Usher

The January Man (1989)

Police Commissioner Frank Starkey

Caro Gorbaciov (1988)

Nikolaj Bucharin

Blindside (1987)

Penfield Gruber

The Inquiry (1986)

Ponzio Pilato

Wise Guys (1986)

Bobby DiLea

Copkiller (1983)

Lt. Fred O'Connor

Bad Timing (1980)

Inspector Netusil

Saturn 3 (1980)

Captain Benson

Fingers (1978)

Jimmy Fingers

Blue Collar (1978)

Jerry Bartowski

Taxi Driver (1976)

Matthew "Sport" Higgins

Mean Streets (1973)

Charlie Cappa

Pueblo (1973)

Seaman (uncredited)