F. Murray Abraham

F. Murray Abraham

F. Murray Abraham

F. Murray Abraham


Mother, Couch (2024)

Marcus / Marco

Marvel Studios Assembled: The Making of Moon Knight (2022)

Khonshu (voice) (archive footage) (uncredited)

Salman Rushdie: Death on a Trail (2019)

Ayatollah (archive footage)

Isle of Dogs (2018)

Jupiter (voice)

411 (2015)

Information (voice)

A Little Game (2014)

Norman Wallach

And the Oscar Goes To... (2014)

Self (archive footage)

The Unseen World (2012)

John Henry Newman

Barbarossa (2009)

Siniscalco Barozzi

Perestroika (2009)

Professor Gross

A House Divided (2008)

Grandfather Wahid

Shark Swarm (2008)

Professor Bill Girdler

Blood Monkey (2007)

Professor Hamilton

My Father (2004)

Paul Minsky

Joshua (2002)

Father Tardone

Ticker (2002)

Airport Guru

Knights of the Quest (2001)

Delfinello da Coverzano

Esther (1999)


Mimic (1997)

Dr. Gates

Eruption (1997)

President Mendoza

Children of the Revolution (1996)

Josef 'Uncle Joe' Stalin

Fresh (1994)

Chess Hustler

L'Affaire (1994)

Lucien Haslans

Jamila (1994)

Older Seit

Mobsters (1991)

Arnold Rothstein

Money (1991)

Will Scarlet

The Bonfire of the Vanities (1990)

D.A. Abe Weiss (uncredited)

Cadence (1990)

Capt. Ramon Garcia

Largo Desolato (1990)

Professor Leopold Nettles

Beyond the Stars (1989)

Dr. Harry Bertram - the Whale Man

Amadeus (1984)

Antonio Salieri

Scarface (1983)

Omar Suarez

Madman (1978)

Marco Cohen

Serpico (1973)

Detective Partner (uncredited)