Terry Moore

Terry Moore

Terry Moore

Terry Moore


Merrily (2023)

Betty Clurman

Silent Life (2022)

Lady in Black

Marilyn and Me (1991)

Woman at Hyde's Funeral

Hellhole (1985)

Sidnee Hammond

The Daredevil (1972)

Julie Thompson

Mean Justice (1971)

Connie Garrett

Quarantined (1970)

Martha Atkinson

Town Tamer (1965)

Susan Tavenner

Peyton Place (1957)

Betty Anderson

Bernardine (1957)

Jean Cantrick

Daddy Long Legs (1955)

Linda Pendleton

Two of a Kind (1951)

Kathy McIntyre

The Great Rupert (1950)

Rosalinda Amendola

Summer Holiday (1948)

Hatcheck Girl (uncredited)

The Devil On Wheels (1947)

Rusty Davis (as Jan Ford)

Shadowed (1946)

Virginia 'Ginny' Johnson (as Helen Koford)

Son of Lassie (1945)

Thea (as Helen Koford)

Since You Went Away (1944)

Refugee Child on Train (uncredited)

Gaslight (1944)

Paula Alquist, age 14 (uncredited)

True to Life (1943)

Little Girl (uncredited)

A-Haunting We Will Go (1942)

Dante's Young Admirer (uncredited)

My Gal Sal (1942)

Carrie Dreiser (uncredited)

The Howards of Virginia (1940)

Neighbor Girl (uncredited)

Maryland (1940)