Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan

Eileen Brennan


Naked Run (2011)

Gram Malone

The Amateurs (2006)

Mrs. Cherkiss

The Hollow (2004)

Joan Van Etten

Dumb Luck (2003)

Minnie Hitchcock

The Last Great Ride (1999)

Pamela 'Mimi' Applegate

Changing Habits (1997)

Mother Superior

Boys Life 2 (1997)

Mrs. Randozza

Reckless (1995)

Sister Margaret

Freaky Friday (1995)

Principal Handel

Texasville (1990)

Genevieve Morgan

Stella (1990)

Mrs. Wilkerson

Rented Lips (1988)

Hotel Desk Clerk

Babes in Toyland (1986)

Mrs. Piper / Widow Hubbard

Clue (1985)

Mrs. Peacock

Answers (1985)

Amanda Jackson (Segment "Twinkle, Twinkle")

Working (1982)


Private Benjamin (1980)

Capt. Doreen Lewis

Murder by Death (1976)

Tess Skeffington

Hustle (1975)

Paula Hollinger

My Father's House (1975)

Mrs. Lindholm Sr.