Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett

Nigel Bennett


Prisoner X (2016)

President Charles Turner

Passage (2008)

Sir James Graham

Just Buried (2007)

Chief Knickle

Post Impact (2004)

Col. Preston Waters

Do or Die (2003)

Ethan Grant

The Scream Team (2002)

Warner MacDonald

Phase IV (2002)

Sen. Richard Karnes

The Skulls (2000)

Dr. Rupert Whitney

Code Name: Phoenix (2000)

Head of Marshall Service

Different (1999)

Russell Talmadge

Strike! (1998)

Harvey Sawyer

Sanctuary (1998)

Sen. Stephen Macguire

Any Mother's Son (1997)

Allan Schindler Sr.

Lies He Told (1997)

Commanding Officer

The Arrow (1997)

James (Jim) Floyd

Gotti (1996)

Bruce Mouw

Soft Deceit (1995)

Ed McCullough

The Ninja Mission (1984)

Second helicopter pilot