Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin


A Perfect Stranger (1994)

John Henry Phillips

The American Clock (1993)

Older Arthur Huntington

Mastergate (1992)

Folsom Bunting

Preminger: Anatomy of a Filmmaker (1991)

actor (archive footage) (uncredited)

Clara (1991)

Albert Kroll

Captain America (1990)

General Fleming

By Dawn's Early Light (1990)

Condor - Secretary of Interior

Dead Heat (1988)

Dr. Ernest McNab

The Diamond Trap (1988)

Chief Walter Vadney

Raw Deal (1986)

Chief Harry Shannon

Turk 182! (1985)

Det. Kowalski

The Natural (1984)

Gus Sands (uncredited)

A Christmas Story (1983)

The Old Man (Mr. Parker)

Hangar 18 (1980)

Harry Forbes

Waikiki (1980)

Capt. McGuire

Love for Rent (1979)

Coach John Martin

Ike (1979)

Gen. George S. Patton

Donovan's Kid (1979)

Timothy Donovan

The Users (1978)

Henry Waller

Law and Order (1976)

Deputy Chief Brian O'Malley

The Rookies (1972)

Sergeant Eddie Ryker

Mooch Goes to Hollywood (1971)

Darren McGavin (uncredited)

Banyon (1971)

Lieutenant Pete Cordova

Mission Mars (1968)

Col. Mike Blaiswick

The Great Sioux Massacre (1965)

Captain Frederick William Benton

Beau James (1957)

Charley Hand

Summertime (1955)

Eddie Yaeger

Your Next Job (1945)

Balancing hobbyist

She Wouldn't Say Yes (1945)

The Kid - Soldier in Hospital (uncredited)

A Song to Remember (1945)

Student (uncredited)