Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar

Robert Z'Dar


Awesomely Righteous & Radical (2020)

(segment, "Samurai Cop trailer") (archive footage)

Chasing Gold (2016)

Roger Gleason

Little Creeps (2012)

Professor Cordell

The Girl (2011)

Officer Ben Maynor

The Waiter (2010)

Lester Maleck

Meltdown (2009)

Crazy Eddie

Deeflowered (2008)

Detective Chavez

Zombiegeddon (2003)

Det. Bobby Romero

Future War (1997)

Cyborg Master

Hollywood Cops (1997)

Sergeant Dieter

Wild Cactus (1993)

Officer Grady

The Killers Edge (1991)

Miller Richardson

The Final Sanction (1990)

Sgt. Sergei Schvackov

Soultaker (1990)

Angel of Death

The Other Side (1990)

Coroner of Manhattan

Young Rebels (1989)

Joey Vincenzo

Maniac Cop (1988)

Matt Cordell

Evil Altar (1988)

Sheriff O'Connell